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Poker tricks: forbidden or lawful?

October 16, 2020 | Poker tricks | No Comments

There are many players who want to know what are the legal and forbidden poker tricks. Obviously putting them in place requires a certain delicacy, because it has recently been clever to get caught by the other players. Among the forbidden tricks we can certainly mention any trick that aims to give an unfair advantage.

For example, it is not valid to mark the cards, not even a small fold, it is not worth looking at the cards of others or agreeing with other players. It may seem trivial but novice players often forget these basic rules. There are several legal tricks and the best known is that of bluffing, a strategy behavior that allows you to win hands even with much lower cards than the other players at the table.

Be careful because even if we talk about too popular, bluffing is a risky behavior and to do it perfectly you need to have a good degree of preparation. In online casinos pay particular attention to heads up, which is the moment you are left with only one player at the table.

At that moment you will have to be very selective with the hands to play, in cases where you find that you have taken a difficult hand, fold. Having a moderately aggressive attitude could put you in an advantageous situation, what is essential is not to change it suddenly otherwise your opponent may understand that the cards in your possession are not the best.

The game of poker requires a lot of strategy and a certain skill, it is a game where luck, even if called into question, must necessarily be helped by a certain amount of skill without which winning at a table is pure and simple fantasy. There are many strategies, we are not talking about tricks, mind you, but about strategies, which help players to win in live tournaments but also in live tournaments . Poker strategies require tactical acumen and a lot of patience, remember our dear blindfolded goddess, well she must give you the right cards while you have to wait very patiently for these cards first and secondly the ability to make them profit as you should .

Here we will talk about some general tactics, or rather we will talk about some ways of behaving in the online tables that facilitate your approach to the match and the management of the various hands. When you play online, always try, for every game, not to play too much money, in poker the tables have set stakes, if you have few credits do not sit at a table with too high stakes because you risk running out of your credits immediately. At the table where you sit, never show your cards, at the end of the hand, whether you win or lose, you can choose whether or not to show what you have in your hands, show nothing, play in the shadows. Also on this line try to avoid bluffingtoo casually, this is a great weapon but should be used sparingly, if you bluff too much everyone will discover your game a couple of hands. Your strategy must always take into account many things, for this reason do not focus the game only on your cards but observe the whole game, including the cards of others.

From the behavioral point of view, on the other hand, always try to stay very concentrated, talk very little, as I said before, stay very in the shadows, try to go unnoticed as much as possible. When you win, try to extend the streak but don’t overdo it, don’t overdo it and try to understand when it’s time to say hello to everyone, leave the table, and cash out.

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