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The ultimate guide to casino bonuses

December 30, 2020 | Online casino | No Comments

From a player’s point of view, casino bonuses are one of the core elements that make it worth playing at one particular casino online 96Ace Malaysia rather than another. Casinos offer bonuses of various kinds, which aim to always attract new players and in general build customer loyalty, so that they do not go to play in other online casinos. However, there are some distinctions to make, as there are many different types of casino bonuses , each of which has its own distinctive characteristics.

This is perhaps the most famous and classic online casino bonus known. Typically, each online casino offers a more or less varied percentage on the first deposit, which can range from 50% up to 100%, and in some cases even 200% (rarely goes beyond that). Thanks to a 100% casino bonus , for example, a new player who deposits € 50 will receive another € 50 from the online casino to play with. Usually, the welcome casino bonushas a ceiling beyond which the casino does not go. For example, in the case of a 100% bonus, an online casino might decide to offer no more than 1000 euros, although the amount deposited by the player on the card would result in a larger outlay by the casino. Some casinos also offer a fixed bonus, called a no deposit bonus, a usually small amount to spend regardless of the deposit. Usually this bonus doesn’t go beyond 5-10 euros.

Thanks to this bonus, every time a customer makes a deposit into the online casino account, it adds a figure based on a percentage amount that varies from casino to casino. The concept is the same as the welcome casino bonus, with the exception that it applies to any reload and not the very first deposit. Again, online casinos place limits on reload bonuses , which cannot reach or exceed certain figures from time to time and generally also during the calendar year.

See the source imageThis type of bonus is inspired by the classic word of mouth . In practice, the online casino rewards players with a bonus for making other customers sign up to the casino when they mention their name. The type of bonus paid can be fixed, such as 5 euros for each new member, or linked to the amount deposited the first time by the new customer. In the latter case, as with other bonuses, often regardless of the percentage there is a maximum limit on the bonus figures provided by the online casino.

All respectable online casinos naturally have an eye on high rollers , ie those customers who move large sums of money. Casino bonuses, promotions and special prizes are dedicated to these players, which can be of various kinds.

One of the most recent casino bonuses is the free spin bonus , with which online casinos offer free spins to players. Usually, being free spins, they target one or more specific online slot machines , although sometimes they affect the entire slots park of an online casino.

Having fallen into disuse, this casino bonus , which is rarely found now, guarantees new players an hour of free play with a rather large sum of money. The player is then allowed, at the end of the game hour, to keep any winnings, which will be merged into a separate account and which can be unlocked, and therefore withdrawn or playable, under certain conditions.

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